Holy Epiphany Russian Orthodox Church
Boston, Massachusetts, USA

Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia


Sunday, 8 / 21 January
9:00am Meeting of the Bishop, Hours & Pontifical Liturgy
12:30pm Festive Trapeza
Wednesday, 11 / 24 January
7:00pm Kursk Root Icon - Akathist & Moleben
Saturday, 14 / 27 January
6:00pm All-night Vigil
Sunday, 15 / 28 January
Sunday of the Publican and the Pharisee
9:00am Hours & Divine Liturgy
Saturday, 21 January / 3 February
6:00pm All-night Vigil




The official parish Facebook page, Holy Epiphany Russian Orthodox Church will have announcements, schedules, news, pictures and videos, which will be posted regularly.

Parishioners and friends can join the "Parishioners of Holy Epiphany Church (Boston)" to share personal photos, relevant articles, and other informative posts that would be of interest to fellow parishioners.



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Welcome to the web site of Holy Epiphany Russian Orthodox Church in Boston, Massachusetts!  We are a parish of the Diocese of Eastern America and New York of The Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia.  We invite you to explore our web site to learn more about us and about Orthodox Christianity.




What's New

01/20/18Parish Events -

Kursk Root Icon will be at our parish Jan 20-24.

01/01/18Schedule of Services -

The schedule for the next 2 months has been posted to the website.  On the Service Schedule page, (News & Information\Service Schedule) one will find the bi-monthly schedule in a PDF format, a printable monthly calendar and the option to synchronize the schedule to your smartphone's calendar.

Upcoming Events

Kursk Root Icon Schedule

January 21: Altar Feast Celebration & Banquet

Feb. 4: Bake Sale


Mother's Garden Fundraiser

Recently, as part of the creation of the "Mother's Garden", a hedge comprised of 40 bushes was planted near our church.

Donating Stocks Instead of Cash

Here is a document describing the general process for donating stock.

Gift Card Fundraiser

Support the Accessibility & Expansion Project by purchasing gift cards for your weekly purchases.

Accessibility & Expansion Project Fundraising

Thanks to your generous contributions, we were able to renovate and expand our beautiful church! Please, continue to help us pay down our church expansion debt by aiding us in raising $150,000 by December 31, 2017.

To make your tax-exempt donation, you can:

  • Visit our online PayPal page by clicking on the PayPal button below
  • Make checks payable to Holy Epiphany Russian Orthodox Church and mail to the following address:
    Holy Epiphany Russian Orthodox Church 
    963 South Street 
    Boston, MA 02131-2309

Thank you for your continuous support! Any help is much appreciated!

The Cupola

"How It's Made"

Help pay down

the loan here!

Expansion Fund



The Gardens Cemetery's Orthodox Garden and Chapel Update

The Orthodox Garden and Holy Resurrection Chapel are located at The Gardens Cemetery, in West Roxbury. Several 9-day, 40-day and 1-year memorial services have been conducted within the Holy Resurrection Chapel.

Click on either image to browse the 2-page brochure.

The Gardens Cemetery is proud to support the expansion of the Holy Epiphany Russian Orthodox Church.

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