Holy Epiphany Russian Orthodox Church
Boston, Massachusetts, USA

Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia


Wednesday, 6 / 19 January
9:10am Hours and Liturgy with blessing of the waters. Masks required.
Saturday, 9 / 22 January
6:00pm Hierarchical All-night Vigil. Masks required.
Sunday, 10 / 23 January
9:00am Meeting of the Bishop, Hours & Hierarchical Liturgy. Masks required.

Services will be livestreamed on our YouTube channel on the following dates:
Jan 15, 6 pm & Jan 16, 9:10 am
Jan 18, 6 pm & Jan 19, 9:10 am


On the Service Schedule page, (News & Information\Service Schedule) one will find the schedule in a PDF format, a printable monthly calendar and the option to synchronize the schedule to your smartphone's calendar: bostonrussianchurch.org/calendar/sync.ics


The official parish Facebook page, Holy Epiphany Russian Orthodox Church will have announcements, schedules, news, pictures and videos, which will be posted regularly.

Parishioners and friends can join the "Parishioners of Holy Epiphany Church (Boston)" to share personal photos, relevant articles, and other informative posts that would be of interest to fellow parishioners.




Welcome to the web site of Holy Epiphany Russian Orthodox Church in Boston, Massachusetts!  We are a parish of the Diocese of Eastern America and New York of The Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia.  We invite you to explore our web site to learn more about us and about Orthodox Christianity.






Jan. 13: Mask Mandate Extended Through Sunday, January 23.

Fr. Victor has extended the mask mandate 2 additional weeks, through January 23, 2022.

Masks must be worn at all times in church during church services. People should do their best to maintain social distancing to the extent possible.

The directive does not pertain to trapeza, the church outside of regular services, or the outdoor church grounds.    

Prot. Victor Boldewskul, Parish Rector

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