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The Holy Trinity Monastery Bookstore

The Holy Trinity Bookstore, located on the grounds of the Holy Trinity Monaster in Jordanville NY, offers a large variety of books, icons, audio and video selections along with other items. 

The monks who came to Holy Trinity Monastery from Eastern Europe after World War II inherited a tradition of printing that stretches back almost to the invention of the printing press in the fifteenth century. Through the fathers’ tireless efforts, the Printshop of St. Job of Pochaev has been publishing Orthodox Christian books for over sixty years.

At first, these books were sold from a table in the monastery office to pilgrims, visitors, and churches all over the world. When the monastery building was extended in 1990, a dedicated bookstore was opened and books, music, and icons from other publishers were also offered for sale.

Over the last few years, the bookstore has begun to expand into the world of digital content. We've recently partnered with Kobo, an e-reading platform built for readers, to offer you a wide range of e-books including a growing number of Holy Trinity Publications titles. Downloadable audio files are available directly through the bookstore's website.  Visit Digital Offerings.

Please visit http://bookstore.jordanville.org/  to view all that they have to offer.

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