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Humanitarian Assistance for the Donbas Region

February 2015: We received a letter from Fr. Ilia Kobzar, a priest serving in war torn Donetsk, for whom our parish is collecting funds for humanitarian assistance in the Donbas region. The Donbas/Donetsk region is a humanitarian catastrophe. Children and the elderly should have a right to food and medicine.

Donations can be given at the candle stand; checks should be made out to Holy Epiphany Church.  We will make arrangements to send financial help during Great Lent..    Click here to view the letter in Russian.   Translation is provided below.

Moscow Patriarchate
Ukrainian Orthodox Church
Donetsk Diocese
St. Nicholas Church
Ul. Gorbachevskogo, 43, Donetsk, Ukraine, 83076 tel. (062)338-70-91

To the Rector of the Church of the Epiphany in Boston
To Archpriest Victor Boldewskul
To the parishioners of the Church of the Epiphany

Your Reverence!
Dear Brothers and Sisters!

We ask you to help the residents of Donetsk, who are now left without any means of support due to the military operations. Pensions and social benefits are not being paid out. Many individuals living alone, disabled people and families with numerous children, are barely surviving and exist on charitable assistance. Our parish collects donations and our parish volunteers distribute the donation in the form of groceries and medication directly to those in need. All who receive assistance, will pray for you and your families.

Rector Archpriest Evgenii Peikov
1. 02.15.  

Persons in charge:    
Priest Ilya Kobzar     +380995062090     email: kobzarilya@mail.ru
Olga Il’ina         +380991928577

Humanitarian Aid

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