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Baptism Questions

I wish to baptize my child. Who should I speak to?
If you want to baptize your child, you must call Fr. Victor at (617) 780-1786 or send him at email: FrVictor@comcast.net

Who can be a God-parent?
It is imperative to have at least one God-parent when performing this Sacrament. The God-parent must be a baptized Orthodox Christian, confessing the Orthdox faith, and must be the same gender as the child. (It is preferable to have two God-parents.) The God-parent(s) must go to Confession and receive Communion before the Baptism.

What items are necessary?
You need a cross, towels and a baptismal gown/outfit. A cross and a baptismal outfit can be bought at church, from the parish bookstore. You need to check ahead of time about the availability of the baptismal outfit.

How much does a baptism cost?
The Holy Epiphany Church does not set a price for performing Sacraments. You can fill out an envelope at the candle-counter, and enclose a donation in it. Part of the donation is for the priest, part is for the maintenance of the church.

May one film or photograph the Sacrament of Baptism?
Fr. Victor permits the photographing and video-recording of Baptisms at Holy Epiphany.

May we have a reception at church after the Baptism?
You may have a reception if discussed and agreed upon in advance. The Sisterhood asks for a minimum $50 donation to cover the maintenance of the hall.

Where can one read about the meaning and order of the Sacrament of Baptism?
Fr. Victor recommends the reading the following article. Please click on the link below.

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